Thursday, 1 January 2015

Loads of changes when I was MIA!

I know I know..I have been ignoring this place way too long..And truthfully I have no real good reason for it..I can give a million reasons including a major writer's block but none of that will be given..instead I force myself to this place yet again!

What's changed? Well loads..I got my PhD at a beautiful ceremony in Cambridge on Oct 25th. I reached Cambridge the day before but couldn't meet my friends much for my planning skills! Sorry my dear friends...I really do hope we meet again soon and you all forgive me for this time..

Anyways, 25th was surreal ...I couldn't believed I was at long last having my graduation ceremony. Accompanied by my parents and husband, KP, I was in bliss. My dear friend also joined to make it even more special. The ceremony took place in the Senate House in Cambridge and everything was stated in Latin. I was dressed in the prescribed academic dress, the hood of which was heavy and I wanted it off sooner...

After our very short trip in UK, KP and I left to see Paris and Switzerland..Here's our take ...we really didn't like Paris but fell in love with Switzerland. Switzerland is beautiful and well-maintained ( I shall hopefully detail more about that trip in some other blog post)...We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Zurich and returned home on the next day..
A week later, we came to the USA! And believe it or not, we have been here for almost two months now...Missing home and making our rental place our own and generally getting settled...

So...this leads to me one of my first projects in personalizing our space..check out the next post..


  1. Double congratulations. Happy marriage anniversary and for obtaining Ph.D. Now I can call you Dr. Aparna Radhakrishnan. I am with you. I do not like Paris. I do not even like French people in Paris. Just curious. Which city you are in USA?

    Happy New Year to you and your groom.

    1. Thank you & Thank you SG... We are in Austin. Happy New Year to you too!