Friday, 23 August 2013

A stranger or not - here's my letter to you

Dearest Stranger,

         Yes...I just did call you dearest! Stranger? That's hard to say. I knew you before we began! I knew you before I received my first letter from you. I even wrote a poem about my wait for you. Let me start with the poem:

Oh Stranger! Oh Stranger!
I know you not,
But often I think of you...

Oh Stranger,
Let me know
Where you hide,
So that I may find you!

Oh Stranger! Oh Stranger!
I would love to be friends
But cannot be so
Since you stay out of sight!

Oh Stranger! Oh Stranger!
I see you in my dreams
But know not how you look or speak.
I see you as a person referred to.
Awaited for!

Oh Stranger,
I hope you are all
That you meant to be...
So this wait can be forgotten!

See I waited for you! I waited to know you though I knew you! 

           You made an impression with your words - yes I am agreeing to it. But you also made me feel comfortable. You made me happy with your words and respect for me. Oh ! You were never a stranger and yet I didn't know you! I wish I could say more, but as usual I am at a loss for words when I need it the most!

            Stranger - you are everything I wished you would be and more! 



Written and submitted to Letters Unsent #2.


  1. And may this stranger turn to the most beloved a day soon ;)

  2. Hope this stranger become not stranger soon and hope this person is every bit as per your imagination. God bless!

  3. Excellent write up about true friendship but unseen and unspoken, so far. There is a poem by Iceman on this subject. Here are the first two stanzas:

    Although you are a friend of mine
    and letters we exchange,
    I wouldn't know you on the street,
    and doesn't that seem strange?

    You hold a place within my life,
    unusual and unique;
    We share ideals and special dreams,
    and still, we do not speak.

    This also comes to my mind. In Tamil literature, a Chola dynasty king, Kopperuncholan and poet Pisirandhayar were best friends but never met or spoke to each other. And, their friendship grew – unseen and unspoken. One day, King Kopperuncholan decided to end his life to avoid fighting his sons. He sat, facing North, and decided not to eat until his death. Pisirandhayar heard about this. He decided to see him at last and rushed to his palace. He also sat with him facing North. They both passed away at the same time.

    That is true real friendship. I am sure your “stranger” will be like these two people. But will meet you on a happy occasion. I know.

    1. Thank you SG...true friendships are the most amazing!

  4. I hope your wait gets forgotten soon. :)

    1. Thank you Jyothi...I hope so too!

  5. Sounds like this stranger may become one of your bestest friends...and that is the best kind!


    1. Thank you Kathy. I share the same feeling.

  6. Beautifully written poem for The Stranger. Life iz beautiful.

    1. Thank you Vishal. Glad you liked it.