Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Letter to my best friend

WriteTribe has a new challenge. This time we have to relearn the art of writing letters at a time of instant messaging and SMS! This challenge runs fortnightly (1st and 3rd Wednesdays).


Dearest Best Friend,

              Hi! I have been excited about writing this letter to you for some time now. But as usual, my words fail me when I need them most! But I will chatter as I always do when we meet or maybe not!

             I have travelled far and wide. I have been lucky to meet people of all sorts. At each point in my life, I have been lucky to be blessed with a best friend. So this letter is to all of you - you know who you are! I am not sure what to write or how to express my gratitude and love for all the support that you all provide me day in and day out!

            Time, distance and mood never mattered when we got together in person or over the phone or over an online chat! I love it that we don't have any problem starting our conversations from where we left it! There is absolutely no hesitance or any awkwardness irrespective of the number of days we haven't spoken!

             Today, I just want to confess that I am in love with you in unique ways and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all being there untiringly to listen to all my nonsense! Being to see me through the growing years and not leaving my side inspite of me being crazy as I have always been. :)

             I know this is short but as you know...words come more easily when I have you replying at least with 'hmm' and I am not giving a monologue!

              May only the very best be bestowed on you! I trust our friendship and know we will be as always.

Loads of Love, Hugs & Kisses




  1. Lovely letter. Very emotional. Sincere from the heart.

  2. That's so honest. It is those times when one needs someone to reassure, support and show faith and eventually if there is just a sign of that special friend who passes on a smiles and says 'its alright!' God bless you and your friends :)

    1. Thank you Rainbow Hues. I agree friends have an uncanny way of making everything alright by just saying it will be alright! God bless you too! :D

  3. haha I liked the monologue part. I know I have that relationship with many of my friends, the chatter that I am :-)


    1. Thank you Richa. Monologues happen for me too but I still need the assuring "hmm..Hmm" to continue mine ;)

  4. that is so you Aps.. :) the honesty and hugs and kisses .. Ash