Thursday, 1 January 2015

Photo Frame - Easy DIY - Upcycle Project

This is an easy DIY upcycled photo frame which now hangs in my dining hall.

Things you need:

1) Cardboard (I had this from the furniture we bought)
2) Thermocol (Ditto)
3) Gum/ Glue (I used Elmer's glue)
4) Acrylic paint (and brushes of course!)
5) Clay Paint (I got mine from Michaels as suggested by neighbour)

6) Icing bag and tip (optional)
7) Some paper to make photo corners

How to make the frame:

1) Decide the size of your collage.
2) Use a Thermocol piece that fits all your photos . I had nine of them of different sizes.
3) Paste a cardboard piece on one side of the thermocol to make it stable.
4) Then cut and cardboard to the sides such that it looks like a's what I ended up with:

5) Paint or texture the frame as you like. I did a base coat of paint and added a design texture using the clay paint in an icing bag.

6) Cut equally sized strips of paper (number of photos x 4) to create the photo corners. The width of the strip decides the thickness of the corner. Here's a link on how to create photo corners which I got from Pinterest:

7) Stick the corners in accordance to the layout you want your photos in. I added a cellotape to increase the firmness of the corners.

Here's what my final frame with photo corners looks like:

I had loads of fun while doing this...and KP helped with the corners and general ideas and suggestions... :) 

Hope you also enjoy the same!