Monday, 16 June 2014

The peacock, the hornbill & I

The skies darken,
The air cools
And there
Drop by drop
The rain begins!

Freshening the humid air,
The parched land
Drinks up all that it gets
And spreads the aroma
Of the rain!

Like the peacock,
Or the hornbill,
I wait
For the rain,
The sight, smell & sound!

I sit up with
Fresh energy
And yearn to
Dance and sing
In the rain!

So the peacock,
The hornbill
And I wait
For the darkened skies
And cooler air!


  1. The Peacock, the hornbill, Aps and I
    The quartet comes alive
    -at their best, on tip toes..
    leaning forth to dive in, dance and say
    life! again

    Mwaaahs :)

    1. The quartet is beautiful,
      The dance even more so!

      Thank you Vaayadipennu.... :)