Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Green Chocolate Wrappers

Write Tribe

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st - 7th September 2013.

Day 4 - Green chocolate wrappers


                        Violet had a blissful sleep with the sweetest dreams being weaved with her newly found blue-eyed gentleman. The next morning, she was restless as she had to wait till the afternoon to see him. She had a mixture of feelings - she knew what she felt for him and wondered if he felt the same? How will this proceed?? She wished there was a fast-forward button for life. 

                She needed to calm her nerves and she could think of nothing better than crafting. This was one hobby that soothed her immensely and put her in a happy mood always. So she sat at her craft desk where she had collected loads of chocolate wrappers and her favourite of them were green.

              She carefully placed and straightened each of the shiny green wrappers that she saved. A man with a top hat and a lady with an umbrella was designed out of the straightened green wrappers. Then Violet, carefully stuck the man and the lady on the front of a greeting card that was already painted with a sunset at the beach. Inside, in calligraphy, she had written, 

                       Sunsets are beautiful.
                        Even more so with you!
                          Your presence beautify
                            The Sunrises farther!

             She then placed the card in an envelope and sealed it with a kiss. Violet, promised that this will be the first card she will give her blue-eyed gentleman if he loves her as much as she does. 

             Violet, then got ready and placed the card in her bag, with a prayer that she can give it today itself. She was dressed in a summery fashion and left to meet him at the restaurant they had decided yesterday. She messaged him as she got into the taxi. The reply came within a minute that he is there waiting for her.

            She reached at the exact appointed time and he was seated at a table as handsome as ever. Violet smiled as he got up and greeted her. 

 Continued tomorrow...the date.


  1. I'm really curious now!!! What next...??

    And a very intelligent way of bringing in the color Green!

    1. Thank you Aditi...You will know soon...

  2. I absolutely love ur blog, Aparna, and wondered what was keeping me away for so long:)

    1. Thank you Vishal! I am honoured !

  3. Now that was a 'crafty' way to bring in green :)