Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Influence - good or bad?

Warning: This is a general ramble and might sound as I am depressed but I am not! These are just thoughts that needed mentioning anyway I could!

Today's topic is one I have been brewing in my head for way too long...

Let me just get it out...

Influence...The influence of the media on a whole, especially movies - both Hollywood & Bollywood on me!!

I know movies are not real when I am awake and practically thinking about it. I know what is portrayed is not what happens in real life. I know that the world will move on with or without me...there is no individual that cannot live without me...

But yet, sometimes I wish to hear the words 

"You are butter to my bread and breath to my life" (Julie & Julia)

and would like to truly believe it....I would also like to hear:

"I would have missed you even if we didn't meet!" - Nick Mercer to Kat Ellis in the movie The Wedding Date

So in simplest of words, how much ever I disagree and would prefer to disbelieve that the movies have not influenced me...I know it has, simply because I hope to hear such words.....


  1. Nicely expressed. Ahhhh. We all like to hear these words and they do make us very happy. But here is where reality comes in. The person who really feels that way and wants to say these words to us may be hesitating without knowing how we will react.

  2. Yes SG...sadly even people who wish to hear it don't express it to their partners...why think of the reaction...