Thursday, 6 October 2011

Coincidence or trigger or inspiration??

I enjoy the Fortune Cookie Application on Facebook. It often triggers a trail of thought. Today (06th October 2011) mine said, "Decide what you want and go for it."

Unfortunately, today I also heard about the death of a legend, Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple Inc.) . The following video was shared by several on facebook and I had to watch the same.

It happened to be a very inspiring talk. He kept mentioning that one should follow one's heart. I have always been faced with the problem, I don't where my heart is. However, he said keep looking for I shall.

Coincidentally, today is Vijaydashmi! In Kerala, on this day we  have a ceremony of "Vidyarambham" (Vidya - knowledge & arambham - beginning) especially for children between 2-3 years old but also the best day to begin any new form of education or learning. I remember from my childhood days, my parents encouraged me to learn or read some educational books. I also remember, the early morning hunger pangs when we had to sit and write on the floor English & Malayalam alphabets, numbers and even sing a few Carnatic (Indian Classical) songs (as both my sister and myself had learnt some vocal before we got our morning coffee and breakfast. Traditions during childhood were cumbersome & irritating but now as an adult and not being my homeland, they seem to be a solace. (Sorry for the deviation!)

Thus, I am inspired again, to find what I love doing & pursue it. I am in a mood to start my own career in whatever I love...I say that as I still do not know what it is...And amazingly I am reminded, it is fine to feel stupid or foolish. Steve Jobs ended his speech with a quote "Stay hungry and stay foolish!" which reminded me of an article that said to be a scientist you needed to be a bit ignorant (therefore stupid) & curious . I had the following image (a snapshot from the article as my desktop background for a very long time).
I know the above is probably seem a ramble and not very connected but for me, the coincidences and the connection is clear . I couldn't help mentioning it .....

Any comments???


  1. As you correctly said Steve Jobs was a legend. He was imitated but never duplicated (New York Times). May his soul rest in peace.

    I am sure you will succeed in whatever career you decide to start. Good luck to you.