Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Faking happiness

This is going to be fun! This is third random topic generated by "" . A very useful site for people like me who want to write a post but do not know on what!

I have faked happiness during several occasions. Why? Well, it was the easiest way to hide the actual turmoil (read as "insanity") that was going on in my head. In several occasions,  I have done it as I do not want my dear ones that I am sad/irritated. I know if they knew it, they would feel hurt. And funnily, sometimes I do it unknowingly. 

One situation where I didn't know I was doing it : One of my best friends was leaving the city that I was living and going for further education. I couldn't go and say bye to him but I acted as if nothing happened and that his leaving had no effect on me. Another friend who was staying with me and who knew me very well said, "Stop acting and smiling so much!" I was taken aback and said, "What do you mean?" She replied, "I know this is just a mask that you are putting on!" And well, there it was, I was faking it completely and I was caught but thankfully not by people who I was faking for. 

The question is does faking happiness help? Well, if you ask people who are proponents of "Art of Living" would say, "yes". In Art of Living, you are asked to always keep smiling, even through your pains. It is to help you ease through them. I am not sure, I can't always keep smiling or faking happiness but I must admit it does help me get through situations that I do not want others to know!

Have you ever faked happiness? I believe everyone does at some point of time in their life. If you have passed through that stage, why did you do so? Did it help in anyway?


  1. Thought provoking post. You must have heard the song “Smile” by Nat King Cole. Here are a few lines from that song:

    Smile though your heart is aching
    Smile even though it’s breaking

    But faking happiness will make things worse. Faking happiness may be OK in certain situations. For example, in your work environment. Airlines Stewardesses put on a fake smile all the time. In my opinion, it does not help us to fake happiness in a more personal situation. Instead of faking happiness, I would rather find a reason to be happy. If I am having a bad day, I would try to think of pleasant thoughts and memories.

    Also, I would never fake happiness with my close friends. If I am sad I would let them know. I know I can count on them to comfort me.

  2. Hey SG....thank you for the song...I had never heard it...