Monday, 8 August 2011

Free writing exercise

This is an exercise I saw on A space to be me .

From the day I read it, I wanted to try the same...but my biggest problem in writing for ten minutes is keeping myself undisturbed for ten minutes. I am just a very restless person nowadays, probably became like that due to the juggling of all my work. I know it is not the best way, but I cannot seem to prioritise my work, so I multi-task, giving a few minutes to each of the tasks ...result : total confusion and mess in my head and on the screen!

Anyway, today I have decided to give undivided ten minutes to this exercise.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I go...I have started the ten min counter on my mobile...I wonder I could type so fast?

Well, firstly what am I going to type for ten mins ..God alone knows!

I have been hearing very nice songs on my iPad through the application TuneIn of the channels...I usually play my I was in a mood to listen to random songs, so the radio it was to be...

My Facebook window says I have received some notification and I am very tempted to cancel this exercise to go and check the message...but I am resisting the feeling! What else...I just said I am hearing nice songs...but the one I am presently hearing doesn't seem to end!

I have no idea what more to type...I feel very blank...The song is becoming louder and making me more blank...oh God!How many more minutes do I  have?

I just read one article on holding on to Friendships...well I really hold onto mine..most often a bit too tight! But yet when I see some photos of my classmates getting together...I wonder why is it that I don't have friends that mature the same way...Well I do have friends that are long-lasting and I do meet them...but all individually...I have never gone to a place to meet more than one friend at a time...sometimes I wish I could go to a reunion! However, whenever a re-union has been organized ...I have always been stuck elsewhere! That's just my luck...though I shouldn't complain...but cannot help it...sometimes I realise my luck is terrible with getting together with people! I mean I have missed 3 weddings after landing in UK!! That's just plain it not??? so lost...I had to check how much time I had left...This exercise is not for me!!!

Thank you Sree(knot2share)



  1. Good one. At least, you made an attempt. That's a good start. As for friendship, I just remembered the following lines read a long time ago:

    "A freind is one who beleives in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself"

  2. haha! I could very well imagine your state of mind during those 10 minutes. I have not repeated this exercise after my first attempt. I think it becomes easier when you are given a topic and 10 mins to write. But this is more fun. You are able to observe what your mind did in that 10mins, as a third person. Keep attempting it when you can and so will I. I am glad you did attempt and well done!

    Take care.