Tuesday, 2 August 2011

When the world goes silent...

Silence is deafening to me... Many say we need to observe things in silence. Many also say that silence help you grow spiritually by keeping you in touch with your own. But...this is a capital lettered BUT ... I do not like silence...it only increases all my doubts and worries...I like to talk and hear people talk...I am uncomfortable with silence..I do not know how to cure this feeling..I know I want to ...but maybe some people are just meant to feel the way I do...Is it simply better that we talk and we listen to everyone talking? Any ideas for curing this ailment of mine or should I leave it as is and believe it is for the balance in the world???

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  1. Nice post Aparna. For no reason I remembered these lines from another blog.

    “I hold on to someone who doesn’t care for me and more importantly who don’t deserve my love when I ought to let go; I kick someone on the gut that are genuinely waiting for me.”

    This quote has nothing to do with this post.

    You don’t have to suffer in silence. Open your heart and talk to someone who is interested in your well being. Pour your heart, without thinking and without any hesitation, to that person. That person is waiting for you everyday 24/7. Do you know who that person is? If you know, talk to that person now. If you do not know who that person is, find out who that person is and pour your heart out. You will be OK. And, you will be happy and at peace.