Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Better left unsaid or The only way to stop him

A lady and a gentleman meet through the blogging community.

The lady really liked the gentleman's blog posts and began commenting. And he began commenting on hers and encouraging her to write more..She felt for the first time in her life that she was being taken seriously and someone wanted to hear her...

They became e-mail and chat friends but she being influenced a bit too much by her environment misunderstood her blog friend and kept silence.

Then at some point, she realised her mistake and missed that blog/chat friend. So she returned and apologised. The gentleman being kind and gentle accepted her apologies and began talking to her again.

This time around, she did want the friendship and really was glad that at least someone was reading what she wrote. However, she was not good at acknowledging the same. She also became extremely busy with her work and was getting a bit stressed from the same. He sent her e-mails but she being the biggest procrastinator never replied.  So there was again an unintentional silence between the two.

Then, at some point he gave up and thought he was not being appreciated. He sent her his last e-mail and said I shall not be reading you and keeping any contact with you anymore.

When she read his e-mail, she felt anger and then a sadness. She was so overwhelmed she thought she better leave her thoughts unsaid.

But, no she had agreed and promised to this pen friend, that she will tell him frankly what she feels. SO she kept up to her promise, sent her apologies, told him that she understood and will not persuade him not to leave her alone. She also said that she was very thankful for his comments and will miss them.

She had resolved that she will maintain the silence that he now preferred but felt saddened throughout the day. Every five minutes after her reply, she refreshed her e-mail, hoping he would forgive...And as a last resort she decided to write a blog-post on her experience with her pen-friend whom she admires and values a lot.


Yes, the lady is me...and this is a post for the 30th Inspiration Monday  prompts at bekindrewrite .


  1. Super post Aparna. One of the best in your blog. Probably the gentleman mistook your procrastination as ignoring him. Now that you wrote a post on it, he would certainly understand your position. He may or may not write a comment but I am sure he will read this post.

  2. Thank you SG...though I must admit I didn't think this was a great post but yes, as you said the gentleman did reply and I felt much better.

    Moral of the story: Never leave things unsaid...

  3. I knew this was your story, even before reading the last line. Anyways, it is good to know that misunderstandings have been resolved.

  4. First time here. I am glad everything is OK now.

    At first, I thought you are writing the beginning scenes for an Indian movie. Girl meets boy through blog and then chat. Boy-Girl misunderstanding. Confusion resolved. In this post, the story ends here.

    But a typical Indian movie will then continue as “they fall in love, fight the villain and his thugs and win, get married, and live happily everafter”. Oh, add couple of songs in Switzerland and a few comedy scenes.

  5. Hi me...welcome to my space...

    No this is no Indian movie...but the naked truth of my life ...and no it will surely not end in any love story with songs Switzerland or marriage...sorry to disappoint you... ;)

  6. Ah, yes. Friendship takes effort and understanding from both sides. I'm glad things worked out.

    Glad you joined InMon, too!

  7. Hi bekindrewrite....that's very true...friendship does takes effort and understanding! :)

    I was glad to join InMon.

  8. Oh, it was my first time to visit your blog, and I was touched by your story!

    I believe that true and real life based stories are the best stories to read!! :)