Tuesday, 23 August 2011

When he awoke, something was missing

It was a cold winter morning. It had been snowing for two continuous days and the couple was stuck at home.

Though both of them worked and hardly got time with each other, the past two days, they hardly talked. Any conversation that did happen ended in a fight. The previous night, they fought pretty furiously and it ended with her crying near the fireplace and he stomping out of the room in anger.

The next day was their wedding anniversary. He got up with a smile on his face in spite of the noise the snow sweeper was making outside. He expected a fresh day and a day where his wife would have forgiven him and love him as she always did...

However, that was not to be so...something was missing. He waited for about half-hour in bed for his coffee, called out his darling's name several times, but with no response , he finally got out of bed in search of her... He looked through all the rooms but she was not be found.

He was getting frustrated and irritated with her but then found a note in the kitchen held with a cup of coffee..


         I am tired and I need a break. I am going to my parents' for a few weeks. I am sorry to be doing this on our day but everyday I have been making excuses for you . I cannot handle it any more..I am also a person who has my needs and want to be understood ...just as much as you. I cannot adjust anymore....

        I love you loads but this for our betterment and not a punishment..I just want some space...



Tears welled his eyes, he suddenly woke up, and found something which he had taken for granted was missing....


Response to Inspiration Monday prompt.....


  1. Very sorry for the couple. Hope she is playing a practical joke on him and she would come back with a huge cake to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

  2. A good story and take on the prompt but a sad story of the couple. Unfortunate that we hear many such stories these days.

  3. @SG: Sorry but it was not a practical joke and this is fiction and/or reality between many couples as knot2share said...

    @knot2share: thank you...yes it is sad...

  4. Aw. She'll come back. I know she will.

    I like how cleverly you avoided using names! It actually helped me connect more with the characters.

  5. @bekindrewrite: thank you...funnily, until you mentioned it..I didn't even realise I was not using names.