Friday, 10 September 2010

A day after...

I had so many things to write till I opened this page to post...but now I feel my words are gone, they just disappear...I am blank!

First let me Thank you all for your prayers. Your prayers and good will has at least convinced my examiners that I should be recommended to complete my PhD.

Now, an update of how the D-day went...

Well, let's just say not too well...I got up with a terrible headache (which is the after-effect of the cold and sore throat that began two days ago)... My viva-voce was at 2pm so I had the whole morning to read and cram more stuff into my brains that was already stuffed with phlegm...At twelevish I went for lunch, not that I was hungry but didn't want to sit and eat nothing either...I had a very very short lunch compared to my general hour-long lunch breaks...Back at my desk, I was with my report again, reading and trying to find mistakes...(interrupted with meeting one of my examiners who was introduced by my supervisor and calling the other to let him know where they should meet)...being critical of myself...just realised I am not critical enough of my work...but all that was done by 1pm...the last hour was the most irritating...this is how it goes ...I  have an hour more for my exam, I don't feel like studying but fear of getting too distracted to do any other work! I pass my time by walking around, clearing my nose for like the fifteenth time...I am tired...all I want is a bed! ...1:55pm , my second examiner is walked in by my post-doctoral friend to where he meets with my supervisor. heart is beating hard...I can hear it ...can others hear it...I wonder? Anyways, I wait to be called my examiners, they have gone to be comfortable with each other before they begin with me in to the room booked for the viva..

Viva begins - my examiners were two haematologists who were very sweet and understanding...they kept reassuring me that it was to be a meeting talking about progess, hearing complaints about my dear supervisors (btw, I think my supervisors are the best!) and so on... but you know within your heart that the two people who are sitting across you discussing what you should do ...showing you what you don't know ...also have the right to are not good enough for doing a PhD...but thankfully...though I didn't think my viva was good...I believe I am fine and will be recommended for completing my PhD.  the end of about 2.5hours, I came out with a terrible headache unhappy with myself...and all I wanted is a bed! Bed ! Bed! my head was screaming...I did get into the bed very early (by 8pm) ...

That's all...

PS :  This is my 50th post!


  1. Yeayyy. Congratulations. That too double. I am really happy for you. First one is for successfully doing the viva-voce. I know what would have gone through your mind during the 4 hours before the viva-voce.

    Second congratulations is for completing the 50th post.

  2. I am seriously confused...did you get the results or you think you did not good enough?

    I am 100% sure you will move forward but it is not clear reading your post if they have declared the results already or not.

  3. @SG : Thank you and Thank you..

    @A: not exactly declared but yes the outcome is positive from the examiners but for me...I just feel I am not good enough...