Saturday, 11 September 2010

Science Post ?

Remember the resolve to write atleast one Science post for every seven posts that  I had taken when my blog completed one year ...I want to know how many of y'all think I should do that? I don't want anybody to be running away from my blog because of Science!

What will I write - if you all agree? - Well I literally want to recap some basic biology and then go step by step harder into what I presently research on...I don't want to directly write what I do because it doesn't make sense to me and so I don't I could show sense to y'all either...

OK please comment what you think... I will only start writing science if there is a good number who feel I this my poll for y'all...


  1. Teacher. Teacher. I am not good at science. But I am a very good learner. So, please write some posts on Biology. I will read and learn. But please don't give me a viva-voce at the end of the semester. I am afraid of exams.

  2. love u r blog template ...there r nt many people writing about science .. so why not !!

  3. @SG & Bedazzled: Thank you... :)
    I shall not quiz you on it SG... Bedazzled, There are loads of people writing science but I often feel it is for scientists and it is current science...
    I don't know if there is a need to talk basic science in this world and era of wikipedia & google...
    :) ...and I have two replies ...what does that say about science? not a favourite is my guess!

  4. Another blog with science in it?!?! I'm so excited to read more ^_^

    You've been a reader of my blog and this is the FIRST time i've read yours! Seems like I've been missing out. That's what I get for being a lazy blogger :P

    I can't wait to read through your science stuff. Microbiology probably would have been my major if I hadn't picked nursing... Also, if I hadn't picked nursing, I probably would have gone into neuroscience or pathology. So, I'm in the same boat of appreciating microbes :))

    To answer your question, yes. Yes. More science, please (: