Tuesday, 7 September 2010

2 more days....

Sorry for not updating for a long time.

I have my first year viva-voce in two days time...What does that mean? Well if  I don't get through that viva...that is the end of my PhD and I should pack up and go home...so all my dear readers...pray for me as I do want to finish my PhD ...

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Shall post hopefully something interesting after that....


  1. All the best for viva voce. i am sure you would perform well. Best wishes.

  2. Though my prayers are with you, I have full confidence that we don't need to invovle GOD directly. I am 100% sure you will complete PhD. I cannot tell you the reason of my confidence because I don't know. But reading your stuff and your blog, I get the impression that you are the kind who is always successful.

  3. Cheer up Aparna. You will do fine. I will pray Lord Guruvayoorappan for your getting through this viva-voce. You will come out with flying colors. I guarantee you.

  4. Good luck! You're much braver than I am!

  5. All the best! Don't worry, take it easy! You'll do fine!

  6. @chitra: Thank you so much.
    @A: Thank you so much...I have never understood how everyone around me has more confidence in me than I have in myself.
    @SG: Thank you ...I didn't come out with flying colours but I managed to convince that I should continue my PhD...
    @Witless Exposition: Thank you and y braver?
    @Sanand : Thank you...