Monday, 23 August 2010

Happy Onam

Last year I wrote about what Onam was and why it is celebrated. This has become more independent than last, and I decided to cook the Keralite feast for a few of my dear friends.

So, two weeks back that was decided and the invitation sent ...So I cooked my first "traditional" Keralite "sadhya" (meal/feast) for dinner on Saturday for my friends ...I must admit my friends are sweethearts - two reasons - they helped and they had the courage to be guinea pigs...Thanks a million to y'all.

The Menu:
  1. Rice
  2. Avial (a mixed vegetable curry cooked in ground coconut and yoghurt spiced with cumin seeds and chillies)
  3. Ladies Finger Sambar (ladies finger in a lentil curry with a bit of tamarind)
  4. Olan (a curry made of cow-peas and pumpkin)
  5. Beans Uperi (a dry form of long beans seasoned with mustard seeds, chillies and coconut)
  6. Tomato Rasam (a spicy lentil and tomato soup)
  7. Cucumber Pachidi (cucumber seasoned with mustard seeds, chillies and curry leaves in yoghurt)
  8. Pappadam
  9. Semiya Payasam (a sweet dish made of vermicilli in milk)
What the above menu looks like on the table? Well see that below...

Sambar, Pachidi, Avial, Rice, Olan, Pappadam, Pickles, Snacks that my friend brought and Ghee.(Anticlockwise from the bottom of the picture)
Rasam, Youghurt, Beans uperi - additions that were not seen in the previous picture.
Semiya Payasam

My friends said it was good...and they are not the ones to say unless they mean I believe it...Hope I didn't get y'all hungry...if any of y'all want recipies...I can pass it on...


  1. Happy Onam. The menu and the pictures make me hungry. The food looks yummy yummy.

    Lot of food items. I am glad your freinds helped you with the preparation.

    Any left overs? Send them across the pond here. ha ha ha.

  2. happy onam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. You are making me miss my friend all the more..she use to make all of this every year on Onam and feed the lot of us..till she moved towns a couple of years back :|

    Hope you had a wonderful Onam :)

  4. @comfortablynam: Sorry to hear that you are missing your friend...why don't you try cooking the make you feel better.

  5. Belated Onam greetings! The semiya payasam looked awesome.

  6. Hi first time here. You have a nice blog. I too enjoyed Onam. see you.

  7. Thanks for visiting both my blogs.I shall read your fiction . tc

  8. Food looks yummy..... it looks like you have done a good job for a first timer.... i havent done this much till now... great work... btw when will i get to taste ur kaipunyam?