Thursday, 5 August 2010

Defrosting a freezer

Wierd topic to blog on?

Well something is better than nothing....anything that keeps me occupied other than the fact that I am bored and irritated that I do not know why...I mean seriously...I have the best of everything in my life...I shouldn't be like this...then what is irritating me??? God knows...ok let's leave that...I know this will go on...

Right, so back to defrosting...I live in a room which is like a studio apartment...well maybe a bit smaller, I have a kitchen in a cupboard which I was awed by ...and everyone who came visiting said "WOW". The kitchen cupboard has mainly three shelves, the top one has the stove (electric) on one side, a sink on the other (with a small platform separating the two) and the lower two cupboards house a refrigerator/freezer and a microwave...yes, I have all the luxuries...

So my freezer needs defrosting as it is not a frost free I am stating the obvious...After a long delay, I decided to defrost reason being I was at home on a not on a holiday..but "working from home"...yes I did work...I also put my freezer on defrost...I had to remove all the items in the fridge and keep it out ...temporarily (fingers crossed) ..or everything would be soaking wet from the melting ice....

Hence, my freezer getting defrosted but I am getting impatient...and so I decide to break into the ice and throw by hand as much as I can...well I have been doing that every ten-fifteen minutes the past two hours...and guess what...there is still loads of ice to melt...and to top it all my fingertips have become sore and numb with the ice!!


  1. Now you have selected an excellent topic for discussion.

    I have an idea what is irritating you. But do not want to open up a discussion in the comment column.

    I have some suggestions for easier way to defrost a fridge. Here they are:

    1. Pour cold water on the ice. Ice will melt soon. But you have more water to take out.

    2. Pour hot water on the ice. Ice will met sooner than cold water. Again, you have more water to take out.

    3. The best is to put a pot of hot water on the ice. Metal will work faster. Less water to take out. But the ice will melt only those places the metal touches. Therefore, every few minutes you may have to change the position and pour more hot water.

    Hope the above helps. Good luck.

  2. Just curious. Defrosting completed?

  3. Yup...completed on the same night...with a bit more ice breaks...and sore, numb fingers...sadly saw your comment a bit late..shall use it the next time :)

  4. kitchen in a cupboard ? never seen one !

  5. Yup kitchen in a is really something one should see to know what I mean...