Monday, 9 August 2010

Saturday + Sunday does not equal 48hours!!!

I am sure that Saturday and Sunday does not equal 48 hours...I know something must be wrong with my Maths is what you all are thinking but how is it possible? I mean every weekend just passes by and at the end of Sunday before going to bed, yawning away while writing a blogpost I end up wanting one more day and feel that only one day has gone by!

Anyways....this weekend went by with only one highlight that is I watched "Inception" with my friend...the verdict well...I still do not have one...I need to watch it again to get to a verdict I think...

Nothing more to add especially because I am extremely tired, sleepy and need to be awake early for the next 5 good night all and sweet dreams...or for those who see it on Monday morning ..."Good Morning...I am lucky I get up a few hours later than you all" :) :)

PS ...I have made an About page at last...Please let me know of any corrections...or sensitive data...I am just dumb ..I am not sure how much to put up and how much not to!


  1. We all want weekend to last one more day. Even if it is a 3day weekend, we want it to last one more day.

    Inception made my brain hurt. And it hurt in the most wonderful way.

    Good night and wake up tomorrow morning fully refreshed.

  2. have a nice week aparna :)

    i saw aisha, it was cute and funny..haven't seen inception. most of the people need to see it twice to understand it completely it seems!

  3. I watched 'Salt' and 'Aisha'...not enough of weekend...I hate Mondays.

    Your blog is good.