Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Call for topics to blog

Hi all...

I am literally out of topics...probably the reason being that there is nothing...I mean absolutely nothing to talk about my life right now...it is just a plain routine...everyday begins and ends in the same way ...in frustration......in boredom...I have to push myself everyday to complete the day and to feel atleast a bit satisfied with what I have done...I have no idea how long this loss of enthusiasm is going to last...it has been 2weeks and I am still counting....

So...fellow bloggers and my sincere followers please help and give me topics to blog...


  1. I am sorry you feel that way. I think you are missing your family back home. As for some blog topics, I have a few suggestions:

    About a book you read lately.
    About a movie you saw lately.
    What bugs you.
    What you admire.
    Wordless Wednesday
    Words in English that annoy you.
    Annoying people in your opinion.
    Any topic you are passionate about.
    Any topic you would like to discuss with others.

  2. I had this once (yes even with a child on tow) and I struggled to think of something! I actually typed in blog post ideas in google!

  3. @SG: Thank you so much.

    @Emma: Did it work?