Sunday, 21 February 2010

Two kinds of people in this world!!

Last evening, my two friends and I made a sudden plan of going for a movie. We watched "My name is Khan". I do not want to review the movie but I do want to mention things I agree with and I guess follow in some sense. I promise not to give out the story because I know how irritating it is to read the story before watching the movie.

It is a movie with a simple concept: "There are only two kinds of people in this world, i.e. Good and Bad. People who do good to others and People who do bad to others. Every other distinction by nationality, class or religion is just nonsense. I wish every human being in the world realises this and teaches the same to the next generation.

We do need to pass on love and not hatred to the future. Our future cannot become stronger in hatred. It is becoming more and more obvious, the United we Stand & Divided we will fall.

Does all of the above seem like a repetition of words??? I am sorry cannot help it.

Only if we stand together as citizens of the world can we change the major climate problem that our future is facing and the terrorism that have cost innocent lives of our world. If we can pass on this message to all ...I am sure we can make difference.

So decide...which type of person you want to be good or bad!


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  1. I totally agree, it was very well portrayed in the movie.... and well written appu......Netz