Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Obedience for the New Year?

Disclaimer: This is a general note not specific to any single person but humans in general.
Obedience - one of the first virtues we are all taught in childhood. "Obey your parents"...that the extends to "your elders" and later "Obey rules".

I would like to illustrate one situation of our obedience :

This morning, I was flying from Coimbatore to Mumbai. I am not going to discuss the airport formalities.

Here I go:

1) Boarding: Most airlines call the elders, families with little children & people who need assistance to board the plane first. After that, passengers are called in seating order to ensure convenience for all.
What do we do? : The minute the boarding announcement is made...all stand in the queue... Aren't we the same people who hate standing in a queue for paying bills and other conveniences... Why are we so ready to stand in a queue for boarding the plane when we all the know the flight will only take-off once we get in.

2) Keep your baggage under the seat or in the overhead compartment : Imagine a plane where you had to sit with luggage on your lap or as we have in buses (most of the time) blocking the galley-way. This is to ensure
our comfort so that our food can brought through the galley without luggage blocks and our legs don't need to ache with the weight of our bags.
What do we do? : Try our best to keep our bags closest to us. Or wait till one of the crew members can help. I would like to ask, is it so difficult to keep our stuff below the seat or in the overhead cabin (I shall exclude a few)

3) Note (I am sure most people do not!) that if you are one of the first ones to enter the flight, the seat-belt light is off. The reason is if an immediate evacuation is required, it can be done quickly.

4) Seat-belt lights come on.
What do we do? : We wait till the last minute. We have to wait for the cabin crew to come and tell us to put it on!! Why I have never understood!

5) The safety instructions : My heart has always gone out to the cabin crew who has to repeat the safety instructions every flight. I agree that it is their profession but I still feel that people should give a little attention to the same.
What do we do? : We ignore it totally!! (please note ... I am not saying all but yes a majority !)

6) The mobile switch off : The announcements on switching off your electronics during take-off and landing and your mobiles throughout the trip is I think repeated about three times once you are in the flight. Told for the reason that it interferes with the flight communication systems - in other words - OUR SAFETY!
What do we do? : Speak on our phone till the last minute possible!!

7) I am sure there are more here but for the time-being I skip them.

8) Landing announcement : The landing is announced. "Please do not switch on your phones till you reach the terminal. Please do not take off your seat belts until the plane comes to a complete halt. Please be careful about taking out luggage from the overhead cabin!"
What do we do? : Take of your belt the minute the wheels touch down. Switch on your phone while the plane is still taxiing and call everybody possible. (Have we become so addicted to our phones that even an hour without it is difficult?) I cannot forget to mention about the luggage that falls out or hits someone while you are taking it out!

I hope I have illustrated how very obedient we are??? Please, please, please do not tell me "Rules are made to be broken"

Next time you hear a rule or instruction, please think why it was put there in the first place and how incovenient it would be for everyone if it is not followed.
Most of the time rules or instructions are given for OUR SAFETY & OUR CONVENIENCE.

If you take it for granted to break all the rules, please remember you also lose your right to complain about the service given!

Dear All..please try to take obedience as your new year resolution this might save loads of inconveniencs for yourself and to others!


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