Sunday, 6 September 2009

Shared to Independence

I had first named this blog as 'Hostel to Home' but on second thoughts...I am not in a hostel but a college accomodation...which in India...we are used to calling Hostel but here, in UK it is called the Halls of Residence. It is pretty decent with a room to one's own and sharing the kitchen and bathrooms...

I didn't mind the sharing in the beginning but as months passed ...I started developing a dislike ... The life in this shared accomodation started tasting bitter simply because the kitchen often smelt bad, and not to speak of the pilferage going on from our fridges...God alone knows who does it!! But the kitchen was not the only you might have guessed ...the bathrooms used to be flooded with water... and believe me it is irritating to clear up somebody else's mess!! I tried my best to control and adjust but ....I lost all nerves when someone stole stuff that I painstakingly made!! For all my Indian friends..I had made aloo paratha and someone stole 1.5 of it !! I still wonder what made them keep the half?? And the remaining stuffing was stolen with box!! Well...that was my limits of patience and I set on a mission to find a new place to stay asap!!

Thanks a million to God...I found one. I found a room with an attached bathroom and a small ktichenette which I have all to myself!! That is what I call luck!!

Shifted...and I am enjoying it totally!!


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  1. Hi,

    Are you the one who had visited my blog few times before? Because I could not reach your blog's link from your profile & now I could get here from Livefeed's link.

    Anyway, I can feel what you were going through in those sharing stuff. When I joined my first job, I always used to prefer staying alone. People used to give me stare look "bachelor staying alone", not very common in India, they would try to find out the hidden intention behind it:(

    But my point was I want to keep everything clean & a home/accommodation is where one returns at the end of the day. And if at the end of hectic/messy/ busy schedule, one does not get the mental peace, what's the point.

    Hope you & your new accommodation suit each other :)