Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Awake at early hours of the day

I have always been an early riser. And I enjoy the mornings thoroughly. But today I talk of a time when it is early even for what is considered for the early risers. 

It is 3:30 am and I have lost sleep.  No numbers of turns and tosses are going to help. It only makes sense to rise and shine. These hours are really peaceful and perfect for the me time... Not that I need much of that. The quiet that comes with the rest of the world sleeping.  The time when the late nighters have gone to bed and the early risers are not awake yet.  

I have been doing this kind of thing every now and then since my PhD days.. Probably  the effect of staying alone and no requirement to stick with a schedule.  Those hours were always  the most productive. 😀

Nowadays being a mother of an infant... Life is slightly different. I get up to feed my baby on most night at least once if not twice.  Though I have less sleep,  I still enjoy the early hours. 

Today was slightly different because my baby decided to give me company... Which meant I had to exchange my me time to mommy time... No qualms but began wondering... Would she have stayed in bed if I did? My instincts told me that she wouldn't and so the exchange from the normal. But I also worry I will form a habit which might not be ideal... Hope she gets her rest in the coming years and not be an insomniac like me. 


  1. A mom will wake up automatically in the middle of the night a few minutes before the baby wakes up. That is called a mother's instinct. Hope you and the baby are keeping good health.