Wednesday, 19 June 2013

When all else fails...

When all else fails,
I look up.
Not always for an answer
But often in fervent hope.
I know I should be thankful
And I do add my vote of gratitude,
Each time I look up 
And say those few words
Often known as prayer
But more my small talk 
With the Almighty!

I am not sure what this is...but some ramble as always I guess...


  1. I know what you mean.

    God is going to dislodge people from our lives that He wants us separated from,no matter what they have planned.My friend likens it to Smilax weed,is what I'm talking to God about and praying for.Nothing is impossible for God,and we should go first and foremost to Him for any of our problems is what I believe,and I trust Him fully for everything. But,it's a journey to get where I am today,and it's only by His grace that I'm there now,it wasn't always that way,far from it.

    What about you?

    1. Thank you Kitty...I have always prefered talking to God than to say my prayers...I have always believed he is my friend and prefers my talking rather than me putting him a pedestal.. ;)

  2. Very well said Aparna. Small talk with God is certainly the right way to go because that will be very sincere as opposed to performing poojas in a grand style. God will certainly appreciate your small talk. God be with you Aparna.

    1. I am sure it is the right way for me... ;)

  3. How did you know that some Charismatic women do this,and it's what I keep talking to God about in our small talks staring at Hebrew 4:12 SG?

  4. Nice verses.Yes, the almighty is the ultimate.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Krishna. :)

      And welcome to my space.