Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I wish the elves visited me!

From the day I started writing my thesis, I have been hoping for a miracle to happen. I get up everyday in the hope to find it all done. Today, as those thoughts were fleeting by again and there it struck a sudden realisation --

This hope probably came from one of my favourite fairy tale -"The elves and the shoemaker". How lucky and happy were the shoemaker and his wife when they saw all the shoes done in the morning! 

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So here I am wishing nothing less than fairy tale ...and oh I am ready to serve the elves clothing, socks and even some delicious food - and that too not just for a day but however long they wish ...they just need to come and finish my thesis for me!!!

Oh my dear elves...where are you all?? Please do come and complete my thesis for me!


During my childhood days, I was one of the elves in a stage show for a school annual day function. :) 


  1. Same thoughts.. sends one to me as well when they come visiting you

    1. If they ever come...I shall surely send you one my dear vaayadi!