Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Tag - from SG

Please write a post on the following:

2 cities you love and why?

2 profession (other than the one you are in now) you love and why?

Tell us how you spent the day yesterday – from the time you woke up till you went to bed.

SG from Shoot the Breeze tagged me for this post a few months back. However, I never got around to doing it for two main reasons - 1) my PhD was almost coming to an end and writing thesis took up priority over everything on the blog...2) Looking for a day when life is so eventful which I can pen... ;)

Right, now two cities I love - well..the first being my city of birth - Bombay or now better known as Mumbai. I hear many gasp but I love that city! It is crowded and the traffic is bad and yes it is pretty filthy but the spirit that city has none other seem to! The city goes on normally and strangers meet and become friends in all the means of public transport...sometimes, strangers may remain so with hardly a smile passing between them and yet if the city comes to a halt due to any reason...there is help, support, love and care .... I was there for the first six years of my life..and then another five years for my higher secondary (also known as +2 or A levels) and for my graduation in Microbiology...

Now choosing a second city that I love is becoming more difficult by the day...I think right now it is a tie between Bangalore (now known as Bengaluru) and Cambridge, UK. Both the cities have their own characteristics...and I had unforgettable memorable experiences in both...so I shall remain faithful to both!! 

I know I have been only asked about two cities but my life has a fourth city which is also very close to my heart that is Kuala Lumpur!! I cannot leave that place out considering I spent my childhood mostly there!

2 profession - wow! what a question and that to this stage in my life! Well...the answer would be pretty straightforward to most who have been regular to this blog...I love crafting...so I might have taken it as a profession...may be not...I don't know...

The second one that has always fascinated me is human psychology..I still look for distance education courses for the same every once in a while (no I haven't had the guts to sign in to one of them as yet)...But again as a profession I am not too sure ...

Now for the last question of the tag...that is the hardest...but here it is...I spent my day with my sister, nephew, parents and uncle...It was a day of rest (with some reading (not thesis but fiction), watching TV, playing with my dear nephew and generally lazing)...as my father and sister were busy with their work..my nephew with his exam ...but yet we found time to relish those family moments that I most yearned for over the last few years...My parent and I then returned by the night train to our hometown from the capital of the state of Kerala!!

Anyone who wants to join in the tag please do...here are my questions:

1) Movies - Commercial or Art? And why?

2) Are you religious or spiritual? There is a difference...
3) What is your favourite hobby? Why?


  1. Thanks for the excellent and interesting answers.

    There are no hard rules. When I said “2 cities” I meant “at least”. Sorry about that. Bombay. Bangalore, and Cambridge are fine. I was surprised by KL. May be you have fond memories because you spent a few years there. As a visitor, I was unimpressed. I was very impressed with Penang.

    Becoming a psychologist is great. It is very easy also. I am going to copy a few lines from one of my previous posts:

    It is easy to major in psychology also. In later years, when you become a psychologist, all you have to say is only one sentence. For example:

    Patient: I hate my mother
    Psychologist: Thank you for sharing that with me

    Patient: I am depressed
    Psychologist: Thank you for sharing that with me

    Patient: I want to kill you, you fat slob
    Psychologist: Thank you for sharing that with me

    Very happy you were able to spend time with your relatives.

    1. SG...I spent my childhood in Malaysia..As human beings, I think we emotionally associate to a place more than practically..so yes in a way my memories of the time spent there are just wonderful and so I have a soft corner for it..

      You do sound very sceptical about psychologists..I think for me it is fascinating how the thought processes go..and so I would love to learn more and understand about it...and again i think it would be more a hobby...