Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Camera Bag!

Hi...I know it has been too long since I posted a few words

A week or two back, I invested in a new camera - a compact system camera....the NIKON 1 J1...oh I am in love with it...just like I am in love with all my other gadgets....

Now, I went looking around for a sweet pouch that would take care of my camera...I didn't want a bag ...because that would be another one to carry during travel...not happening!!! But I got bored looking and decided I should just fashion one by myself...and that's exactly what I did...see below:

If any creative hands would like to try making their own pouch with scrap cloth, here's what I did:

Things needed:
1) Heavy fabric (if you want to put heavy stuff) - I used cloth from my old black jeans.
2) Softer inner lining fabric - I cut my old synthetic top.
3) A lace to tie it shut.
4) Needle - sharp and thick enough to pass through the layers of fabric
5) Thread - I used embroidery thread - wanted to sure it was secure.

1) Cut the fabrics to the appropriate size (do not forget to leave some amount of fabric on the top to fold) , pin them together.
2) Fold and stitch the two sides.
3) Fold and stitch the top - leaving enough space to thread a lace through.
4) If you forgot, cut a slit on one side of the bag to pass the lace through...
5) I did some stitches at the openings so that it looks neater.
6) Pass the lace through...and voila your bag is ready!

This was fun to do...and I completed it in a total of about an hour and half ...though i hand-stitched the same...I am sure I would take much lesser time, if you do it my hand...

Have a go...let me know, if you enjoyed this post!



  1. Good to hear from you after a long time. Wish you had shown your camera also.

    You should have become a fashion designer. Looks nice. Enjoyed reading your post. But I am not into it. I would go and buy a camera case bag pouch.

    1. Thank you SG...Didn't want my bag to lose its thunder by showing the camera...hehe

  2. good one yar..cheers n wishes