Friday, 23 March 2012

So after a century....

So after a century of posts...I wanted to celebrate the century..I had waited for the day for so long...and felt bad that I didn't give it enough credit...waited till some brilliant idea struck...well had loads but nothing after postponing this post for more than a month and a half...I have given up on celebrating my century...and let it pass by like how most people let their birthdays pass!! (By the way, I do not ...I have always loved that date...and wait for it eagerly every is "MY" day!)

Anyways...on a side note...PhD is not going very smooth and I am trying to climb the last bit of the hill...but this seems the steepest and I am struggling and falling down every 10 steps I take forward.... But I keep my spirits up and keep wishing I could type my thesis the way I am blogging...Well...that's not to be so!

Why do I love sad melodies and sad stories ? A question that's been lingering... My friends (dearest ones) call me a drama queen... :) But it is true...I enjoy the slow sad melodies the most...and I always seem to be writing tragic stories...latest one being a response to a prompt (InMon) can be found here.  Any pointers???

Well.....I think that's all for now...just needed a break from my work and thesis!!! But any inspirational words and pointers will be greatly appreciated...and please do not forget me in your prayers or thoughts!!


  1. One of the best posts from you.

    Once again I want to congratulate you on your maiden century (of posts). Please don’t give up on celebrating your century. I am sure, personally, this century of yours is better than Sachin’s 100th century. You are doing these posts in your blog out of your passion and not for making big money. I salute you for that.

    Inspirational word? Remember the little train engine while climbing uphill said “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”. Every morning when you get up, please say “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”. Ph.D. will be a piece of cake.

    There is a saying in US high schools called “senior slide”. It means “that magical part of your senior year in high school when things are a little easier and nothing you do matters”. This is just a senior year for you. I know you will come successfully very easily.

  2. Thank you is rather co-incidental, that the posts where I just pour my heart out without thinking much and the ones I think are not that great are the ones you mention to be the good ones ;)

    I do hope I will be successful in completing my PhD....I do hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

  3. I think it is natural, beautiful, and genuine when you pour your heart out without thinking. Being emotional bring out the best in you. My humble opinion.

  4. thanks friend 4 those consoling words..and sorry for late reply.just returned to really touched..will stay connected:)