Monday, 23 January 2012

Where have I disappeared?

A comment on my fiction blog that set me to thinking...the comment being "Where have you disappeared now?"

I do not know where I have disappeared...I feel rather hollow myself...I cannot feel the way I am or what I am thinking ... My mind's been occupied with one and only one thought - my PhD...the day I submit my thesis...I almost feel drunk on the same...Though, I must admit there are some days when the thoughts on it have tired me out so much, that I feel blank and I cannot think anything! Today is one of those blank days...

So dearest bloggers & followers...please forgive my absence that you will notice more often now ...


  1. Don't worry Aparna. You are in our thoughts all the time. Concentrate on your Ph.D. That is more important than these blogs.

  2. Thank you so much feels good to know that there are people are thinking of me...