Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Extreme Boredom....

Yes...extreme boredom brought me to Google (should google as a verb be capitalized? Is it accepted as a word?? ) "Boredom"...

One of the first hits was Wikipedia...which I clicked on ...I read a bit of how Wikipedia defines boredom...and learnt that the word was first used by Charles Dickens...but I am not here to re-write what Wikipedia has go Wiki the word...

What caught my interest was the diagram below (courtesy Wikipedia!):

A nice colourful diagram...and I am still a kid when I see colours and diagrams...I think my brain enjoys it much more than words...probably why I am bad with words and still prefer making cool graphs of results I find...sorry for the deviation...

Ok ...this is a game for all my fellow bloggers and readers...I want all of you to comment on subjects that give rise to each of these emotions...I shall start it to give you the idea...

Knitting gives relaxation. (I have been trying to knit and I just realised it is a very skilled only when you get highly skilled, the challenge level becomes low and thus it becomes a relaxation!) 

Now, please give it a go for all of them...I want to hear y'all...


  1. As always, super post. Sorry for the delayed response. Here is mine:

    Anxiety – When someone I feel close is ill.

    Arousal – Let us not go there. (hehehe)

    Conrol – Always

    Apathy – Never

    Relaxation – Putting my feet on the coffee table and enjoying a glass of merlot

  2. @SG: Thank you...

    @others...where are you all ?? Y no comments?

    Here's a quote from Leo Tolstoy to complete my post... "Boredom: the desire for desires."

  3. For most of us boredom catches up and our enthusiasm disappear gradually. For some a new wave is caught and they take off again as a rocket.

    I sincerely hope your boredom is a temporary one and I am sure you will take off again as a rocket.

  4. nice diagram

    boredom to me is watching historical epics as TV serials :P

    taking short naps and reading such interesting blogs is a sure shot way to entertain oneself!