Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Draw an ellipse

Yes...that's what I have been busy with...I have been working on some data that needed me to transform the data and now I need to figure out the points within the ellipse...

Leaving that aside, I suddenly feel that's what I have figuratively done with my life...

I drew an ellipse around myself, transformed myself to make it feel like a sphere and now I am not sure which part of the ellipse I am in...I know this doesn't make sense to anyone else but myself...I think I have always kept myself in a safety bubble and I am always sceptical to step out of the bubble...

Anybody had similar feelings?


  1. yesss, *raises hand* much trapped in a safety bubble that everything seems a threat...i start coming out as 'cold' and 'indifferent' to people...and the safety bubble becomes a mere source of suffocation...and nobody understands...and then you're left alone standing in that ellipse, that safety bubble...

    ps- give me your email address, i need to allow you access to my blog

  2. Not just you - I think we all are in a safety bubble...I agree with you

  3. @SAC & @A : thank you...I was the only one.

    @SAC: I was wondering how to give it to you. I don't like the idea of putting my e-mail id on this blog. Would you kindly send an e-mail to I shall send you an e-mail using your address from that...ok?

  4. Aparna: I just mailed you. =)

  5. Very well written. Super. Most of us want to remain in our safety bubble and afraid to come out of it. But some day we will be thinking about what would have happened had we come out of it.

    Reminded of a joke here (for no reason). One American President talked about “weapons of math instruction”. His dad, another American President said: Read my ellipse. No new taxes.