Monday, 20 September 2010

My new earring stand

First...let me apologize to all my male readers for such a girly post..what to do ...I am a girl after all...

Now, dear gals...this is one of the cheapest earring stands and guess what you can make it yourself... All you  need is a nice scarf or cloth and a hanger... those two are is depending on you...

I had some cloth which I cut out of a long skirt (I made it short). I added eletric wires (cut from a mobile charger that was not working) to the sides and the top before stitching it. Hung the cloth on the hanger and then the earrings on to it... The finished product with my earings below:

By the way this is not my idea...I saw it on YouTube (below)

Tell me what you think of mine...and there are many more DIY / recycle ideas on YouTube...


  1. Looks very pretty. You seem to have a lot of ear rings. I have a question. What is the average number of ear rings a girl/woman has?

  2. I think it is lovely! I'm going to make myself one...

  3. wow great idea! i actually needed something for my earrings!! its too cluttered for me right now

  4. This looks pretty good. This would help to make the choice easy too of instead keeping in a jewel box.

  5. quite funky and creative aparna!!!! good job!

  6. such a lovely thing...its pretty simple too..!!

  7. @SG : Thank you...the number of earring depends on the lady / girl...I love earrings!

    @Alexis : Thank you should make one...

    @Crazy Diamond: Thank you...mine was cluttered too...

    @chitra: Thank you..I totally does make it really easy to choose.

    @Sidra:thank you...The creativity goes to whoever thought of it first..and whoever was kind enough to post it on YouTube

    @Harman: Thank you and welcome to my blog...yes it is very simple...

  8. wow yaar u r really creative :D

    this looks gr8! and yes u have a nice collection of earrings :)