Monday, 27 September 2010

Eat Pray Love

Hi...inspite of all the busineess, I made time to watch a movie named "Eat Pray Love", an autobiography of Elizabeth Gilbert acted by Julia Roberts.

What is verdict on the movie? ...well it is not good...I am not a great crtic but some books needs loads more work to be converted to a movie....

The book...I am still reading the last few chapters and I am still loving it...

I remember as a kid...(though I still think I am kid ...let's face it ...I am not!) ...I used to always wonder why someone would prefer reading a book to watching a movie made out of the book...(Well, I didn't like reading...)...but guess what, as I developed my taste to reading ...I think I prefer it to watching the movie..especially if the movie removes the best characters in the book, tweaks the story way too much for much..that there is no story left..

That's it...I had to say it and so I did...

My regards to the author , Elizabeth Gilbert. I have to say that I am reading the book and saw the movie because of her talk on TED shared below:

[PS : I have realised that I am extremely disadvantaged with my vocabulary because of not reading almost throughout my childhood and now I can never seem to catch-up...]


  1. Nice post. In almost all cases, book version is much better than the movie version.

  2. Interesting, I too feel that book versions tend to be better than movie version.

  3. very interesting
    like it.
    with age intelligence also start to reduce this is proven by science.

  4. oh yes, the movie was bad! and the book is good..
    and the makers are at risk when they convert a book to a movie, so many expectations to meet within a limited span of time!!