Thursday, 12 August 2010

One Year Old blog's second birth has completed one year...

So what have I done with my blog the past one year...well the re-birth of my blog occured last year and I still had no idea how successful I was going to be...

Well if success is defined with the number of followers - I have 22 now and hopefully am still counting.

If success is defined by the number of comments - then my highest is still 3 I think (excluding my replies of course!)

 If success is defined by my happiness - then I have just become very successful...I do have my lows - to the point I think why am I wasting my time , I should just delete this blog but on the whole I am happy...there are atleast a few people who like reading the nonsense I write...sorry friends for putting you through this ordeal!

Now, for my favourite posts (that I enjoyed writing and was happy with the way it turned out) in the past year were I think are:
* Gods vs. Darwinism
* Two kinds of people in this world

What else happened -
1) well I ended up creating another blog for fiction - where I have managed to write only three parts of my first story....hoping to continue that soon.
2)  I got my first blog award...Thank you again Meg.
3) I did my first meme...

Now, let's stop talking about the past...let me set atleast two goals for the future:
1) write a bit more science - once every seven posts - that's reasonable...I hope
2) complete my story on the fiction blog

Ok...enough of me...enough narcissism but below is my birthday gift to all my fellow bloggers (thanks and copyrights to TED)


  1. happy birthday aparna's dotcom! :D
    all the best with ur blog
    n a bigggggggggggg hug for adding that video to the post....... :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthdayyyy dear Aparna’s dot commmm
    Happy birthdayyyy toooo yooouuuuu

    Happy Birthday. And would like to wish like this for many many more happy birthdays.

    As you correctly said, success is not defined by the number of followers or number of comments we receive. It is defined by are we happy about writing posts. You are happy. That is what counts.

    I like reading the “nonsense” you write. Therefore, please keep writing. That is a fantastic video clip.

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm glad our blogs paths have crossed...

  4. Thank you so much for the wishes all...

  5. August 11th? That's my day of birth ^_^

    Success can be defined so many ways. It's so exciting to get comments from people. But, I'd rather have blogging be enjoyable to me than enjoyable to TONS of internet surfers... selfish, maybe. But, that's what's great about blogging... it's an avenue to share what YOU are passionate about. If blogging makes you happier, then, I'd say you're successful.

    TED talks! I love TED talks.

    I actually did an entire blog post dedicated to TED talks

    :) It's pretty short. But, I was excited to see you post a TED talk, and wanted to share my post as well (: