Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bhumika K from The Hindu wrote an article titled "Once upon a myth"

I was just reading the article but what caught my interest and decided to share the same is the following paragraph quoted below:

But no one was willing to publish a children's picture book on mythology. So a family enterprise Dhika Media was evolved to bring the stories to life in a book. And all this must have been quite a world apart for Hema, because, she's actually a scientist (having finished school and college in Bangalore). A PhD in cell biology and biochemistry, to be precise. “I've always had a split personality but somehow didn't think of writing as a possible life. I went to the US to do my masters in journalism and tech-writing but realised that for scientific writing to be taken seriously, you need a PhD.” Till 2007 she did her post-doctoral research in stem cell biology. Then she moved to Switzerland, turned fulltime mum and caught the economy at a downtime. By 2008, she was blogging.

Why did that paragraph catch my interest?....

Well, I am presently doing my PhD in Statistical Genetics, I started blogging to at some point get better at scientific writing...and Hema, the author of the children's books did a PhD in cell-biology and biochemistry and now she is blogging and an author...well, is that not inspiring...makes me feel I will succeed in something if not what I am getting educated for...

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  1. Very inspiring post and quote from The Hindu. I assure you that you will succeed in what you are getting educated and a few more other fields also.