Saturday, 24 July 2010

Why is July so long??

I really feel this month is going too slow...I keep feeling it is August but when I think of the date I realise it is July...Why is this month going so slow??

Is it just me feeling ....are there any others feeling the same????


  1. Your post made me think. I am not a science person. I can only comment with my limited knowledge. In Tamil, Aadi month begins on July 16. They also say it is the start of “Dakshinaya Punyakalam”. This has something to do with the 6 month period beginning July 16 taking longer time than the other 6 months. An expert in Astronomy can explain.

    If you want a funny answer, July 16 also happens to be my birthday. Everyone is still celebrating. That is why we are still in July. Ha ha ha.

  2. Belated Birthday Wishes...yes, everyone is celebrating but I want the next six months to go faster...I need to be in india sooner rather than later :)

    Thanks for the intersting reply.

  3. july is loooooong. =/ i agreeeee.

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