Thursday, 15 July 2010

Titles are not just titles...writing is plain hard

Hi all...

I find writing is plain is so much easier to converse by speaking..whoever thought of writing..well I know it is important to write what was done ...otherwise we would not know our history...but why come up with so many styles of writing...why is writing for a poem different from writing fiction...and why is formal different from informal???

Sorry...that's the effect of completing a first year report for my PhD...believe me ...I find it very difficult to express what I have done in words...scientifically especially... My friends keep encouraging me ...they say I write blogs but that's not the same I is like speaking...whatever comes in your head you type...yes that's what I do? ...If I give it thought the post loses its charm...

Anyway ...I end with a link to my fiction blog with second last on it...hope to here comments...remember I am bad at i need loads of push to go on...


  1. Nice post. Writing takes a lot of efforts and it is risky, especially when you are writing something like a thesis. At least we are lucky because we just type our findings in the computer. People were not that lucky about 20 years ago. They had to type their thesis on a typewriter. Make a typing mistake and you are in big trouble.

    In my opinion, writing does not express our emotions. Only speaking (voice modulation) express our emotions.

    Will come back and read your fiction blog.