Saturday, 17 July 2010

Countdowns..., I am going to write a pretty random post on countdowns...

What am I saying ?....Well, as I had mentioned in my previous post, I completed my first year report of my PhD and submitted the same. Now, I have a viva-voce on the same. The viva has been fixed for Sept 9th which is 53 days from today....that's the first countdown.

The second countdown is till December...when I go to my motherland for my holidays...this is a yearly trip...and believe me I wait for the peacock waits for the rain....

Does anybody know when the countdown is the longest? It is so long that you feel it will not end...the last few hours before my viva and the last week before my vacation...It just never ends....

Any other thoughts on countdown are awaited in the comments...


  1. It's wonderful to have something to look forward to.Like I frequently say the anticipation is half the fun,it gives us energy to the race run.

  2. 1) Countdown till Aug 2, my exams start. =/
    2) Countdown till Aug 16, my exams end. *yayy*
    3) Countdown till Sept 20s, my dad gets here! *supper-yayyyy*
    4) Countdown till winter, whenever it may start in here!
    5) Countdown till Feb 17, my birthday :P

  3. Nice post. We have to learn that the greatest pleasure is in the anticipation. And, the pleasure will double when we anticipate and actually see our mom and dad.

  4. i just loved setting countdowns for all sorrts of random things on my phone earlier... but my new phone doesnt have that feature!! i miss it. i love setting countdowns. makes u feel that the day uve been waitin for since so long is gettin closer and closer and closer! and its so exciting!

    all the best for your viva