Thursday, 10 June 2010

Blogs & Strawberries

What a combination? Blogs & Strawberries....well it goes as well as Cinema and Popcorn....

Today, since I have reached my desk to work... All I have been doing is reading all the wonderful blogs that I follow and munching on delicious strawberries.

I bought the strawberries from TESCO on Tuesday but never got to having the same....Today with only one slice of bread and coffee...I felt it best to pack some fruits to ensure that I don't munch on chocolates and biscuits... So washed and packed a few strawberries.

I logged on this morning to find mails from the 20SB community about blogging, featured bloggers and so on...well what did it mood to read blogs that I follow...which is such a wide variety that it got me hungry..."Chocolates...", my stomach screamt....but thankfully my mind screamt back "You have strawberries in your bag!!!" ...

 Anyways...the healthier option of strawberries while reading blogs is doing me a lot of good on a very dark dull cloudy morning...I just hope I can get back to working after I publish this...fingers crossed...


  1. Yum. Makes me feel like having a chilled bottle of champagne with it.

  2. Hello Wat's this? right now I am dying of hunger and you have a nice photo of strawberry :( too bad ! I want them now! I envy you have such a 'good'boss who let you blog and munch over wen you are at work :) Good work!

  3. did u really work after eating all that strawberies? btw dont tempt me with that photo.... i miss it sooooooo much :-(