Monday, 14 June 2010

Alternative Careers

This has been bothering me for sometime now....

Why do we think of alternative careers? Or I think the question is when do we think of it? What provokes us to it?

As kids, we were never told to keep more than one interest.....but we were told to do what we have passion in ... but how do we know our passions...I seriously have never had a passion that I can take up as a career...I don't even know whether I will find it...what do I do?

I believe one of the provoking factors is that one is not 100% satisfied. Another is you feel you might be able to do more if.......but that is one thought that needs the warning label "Grass is always greener on the other side of the field!"

I am not saying that I don't love what I am doing but the fire of passion that keeps people ever so motivated is missing...atleast I don't feel it as yet.

With regards to my alternative careers, I have a list but I think both are just hobbies:
  • Art & craft
  • Psychology

 Having said all that ...I would also like to add I think most people do their jobs for daily bread and butter, but they keep their creativity going with their hobbies...So people who feel they will never find their passion (like me!!) have a job that satisfies you 70% and the rest of your life you can spice up with your hobbies and family....

:) :)


  1. I think it is a great idea to spice up your work life with hobbies. Who knows, your hobby might turn into something that you can make a business out of later. I also wasn't urged to do what I was passionate about when I was younger, just what I was good at. Interesting post.

  2. Hi, I agree to spice up the life! But its sad, most of the time we tend to take the life bland :( .But you'r true hobbies are great gateway to escape from the reality ! I wish we add bit more spices to make the dish(life) as we would like it rather than have it as balnd as it could be.Very nice thought and very well presented.

  3. Nice post....even i don't know where is my interest But you see when words come extremly closer to your eyes it get dispersed so look for career very calmly,...waiting for your next post ;)

  4. Psychology could be a full time career you know...

    Why not become a blog psychologist to start with...???

  5. @classycareergirl ..thank you.

    @revathi...happy to know you enjoyed it.

    @From A to Z to 'A' ...I am not sure I will ever find my perfect career...because I have always been calm...hehe...

    @Queenmatrai...How do I become a blog psycologist? Like an agony aunt of magazines??

  6. yeah..i agree with you../
    everyone should always look at the creative side to fill the life with new colors.its got a therapeutic effect..