Monday, 21 June 2010

Aurelia - Part 1

She was awake at 3am, wet with sweat.

"Oh...where is this loud music coming from?!", she exclaimed aloud and turned to notice her laptop playing heavy metal music.

Irritated, Aurelia switched it off and wondered who would like such music. Aurelia enjoyed music but the softest possible. She mostly enjoyed romantic love songs that were sweet as a bird singing.

She got out of bed, had a sip of water. While she had her sip of water, her mother's voice told her to calm down and that she needs to drink more water. She walked to window and looked at the moonlit sky. She hoped the clear sky with its twikling stars and full moon would stop the droning of the heavy metal in her ears.

...coninued tomorrow...comments awaited.


  1. She might have been an Aspie.Good thinking,for her to reach for 2 glasses of water she probably was dehydrated and it made her irritated as well.Aspies get easily startled by noises as they are so sensitive to them.I hope the moonlit night and the twinkling of the stars calmed her down.

  2. Dear Barbie Jones,

    Thank you for the comments...I do not want to kill the suspense...But yes she did calm down with the night.

    Hope to see you soon...