Tuesday, 22 June 2010

August Rush

Sorry but Aurelia needs time...My head is full of music and the movie August Rush...

I am just enjoying the movie too much..


  1. oyee whats this movie about...maine toh kuch nahi suna abahi tak..do fill me in:)

    and oh the comment on my blog..had me smiling all over !!


  2. August Rush is about a little boy who was left in an adoption center but believe his parents are alive and the only way he can find them is through music. He keeps hearing music all over...A great story...a must watch if you like music and if you like a bit of bollywood masala in an english movie...tell me if you like it...

  3. Loooved August Rush <3

    I did a short post about music from the soundtrack as well.


    The more I read your blog, the more I see that have quite a few things in common: studying, tea, TED talks, microbes/science, good taste in music... =D