Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Blogging, Blog Friends - Old & New...

I still feel immature and kiddish when I go into unknown territories and at times I feel blogging is one of those.

I started blogging as I was inspired by one of my friends - Kartik. He seemed to have been bored of it or irritated that too many people who know him are reading it...whatever it is ...he was and is my source of inspiration. However at one point I gave up...I felt useless typing out stuff that nobody wants to read....

A year after I deleted my previous blog, I was re-inspired and supported by my dear friend (she writes stories but in Tamil) who said "Aparna, write for yourself...Don't bother whether someone is reading"...Believe me that's been very hard...I am not a very self-motivated person and rely on everyone to encourage to push on....

Today, thanks to all who came visiting ...who took time to read the stuff that I have written or done...thanks specially to those who commented to my posts and made me feel less uncomfortable of my skills.

While thanking my dear blogging friends - old & new, I would also like to share my feeling of pen-friendship. Pen-friends (during the days without internet technology) are strangers who wrote letters to one another and shared the happenings of their daily life. When as a kid, I was introduced to this concept of penpals...I used to yearn for one...but my wish never really came true...but today I feel it being realized through another mode of communication - blogging...so dear all...let's all become blog pals ...what do you say?


  1. I have had three blogs to date and honestly I miss blogging every time I stop.

    The beauty is so many of the people in Bloggerville are actually friends today and I have even had the joy of meeting one of the ones that lives in the US.

    Keep Blogging Aparna :D

  2. Yes, that sounds great!
    I have been blogging since January and I think it is so much fun!
    When I was a child I wished for a pen-pal too...writing, pen on paper, it's becoming a lost art.

  3. Thank you Queen & Alexis.

    @Alexis : I agree...writing on paper is becoming a lost art...I cannot write more than a page now...:(