Thursday, 5 February 2015

I meet me as a child about the age of 7

This will be one Harry Potter type of post. But it was a prompt I got from one of my lucid dreams!

In my dream, one of my cousins meets the younger version of her and I am witness to their meeting! The "present" cousin doesn't seem to enjoy the company of her own "past". I have no clue why..especially because I always love her! They have a conversation where they are mostly cold and calling names to each other! And funnily oblivious of the fact they are the same! Anyways, since it was a lucid dream, I began my directing and was pacifying the two and trying to get them to be on agreeable terms till I woke up completely!

The awakening made me realise it is one great blog prompt! Imagine, we had the ability to see ourselves as a child..not just see like in "Back to the Future" or "Harry Potter Time Machine" but actually have a conversation or interact with our past...I prefer thinking that you were below the age of 10. What do you think the conversation / interaction would have been like? Can you imagine playing with your former self? Would you have been joyous about it? This is up as a meme..all are welcome to follow...Let's meet our former selves!

Now, here's what I think me meeting me would be like :

Alternative 1:
Present me going down on my knees: "Hello! What's your name?"

Past me would shy away and hold on to the end of my mother's saree.

Present me : "Would you like to play?"

Past me shys away more but also would reach to the end of tears..

Present me decided to ignore and continues conversation with elders but keeps stealing glances at the past me.

Past me runs away and sulks!

Present me thinks, "Poor girl! She should be a happier kid!"

Alternative 2:
Present me: "Hi! I am doing some colouring..would you like to join?"

Past me happy at the sight of colours, ecstatically nods a "Yes"

Present me passes a colouring book and some colour pencils..

Past me happily sits and colours

We converse very happily about colours to be used...

As you can all see...I see my past in mainly two shy and mostly sulking girl and the other happy with colours girl...I don't know why these two are the most prominent memories of my past but it is what it is! I was a very quiet girl who sulked in a moment's notice and didn't interact much but preferred her mother's saree's end for company the most...Today, I know I am a much happier individual who my friends would say "talkative" or "chatterbox".

Anyways...Have fun thinking what it would be like to meet your past...


  1. And I thought I was the only one who has weird dreams :D I often think and try to remember how I was when I was a kid, but to no avail. I don't remember most of my childhood. I hope I was a nice happy kid though :)

    1. Bhavs...weird dreams will always have company for that one! I am sure you were one happy kid!!

  2. I can imagine both the alternatives.. and picture them, since I know you from now.. prompt in dream is like telling you, blog more.. your subconscious mind wants you to write more here.. let me see how it goes when I look at my past self..

    1. If my subconscious gave me more promppt ..of course I will..this one was so irresistible! Can't wait to see your interaction with your past self!

  3. Thanks for the interesting post. Loved reading it.

    1. Thank you SG...glad you enjoyed it...

  4. Aparna..where do you guys get such cool ideas from..I usually dream of shoes or food :) thank youbso much for visiting my page.coming back after a sabbatical and having such great welcome comments is really awesome !!
    Thanks a bunch

    1. Hey Sulagna..thank you..I wish I could write as well as you then I don't have to wait for these ideas 😉 . And oh my dreams are always weird and lucid that helps with the ideas...this was just part of a big weird is nice to have you back in the blogosphere .....