Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Broken Clock

A broken clock 
Covered in web
But still proudly
It hung
On the wall.

A little care
A little dusting
I am sure 
The grandfather
Will began ticking again.

A broken clock
Covered in web
Hanging proudly
Would have
So many stories to tell. 

Stories of love
Stories of times gone by
I am sure 
The Grandfather
Would have told.

But alas 
It remained
A broken clock 
Covered in web
In an abandoned home.
A response to InMon prompt .


  1. profound lines... Old they say is gold!

    1. Thank you Meena... :)

      Old is gold! I really believe that...but new is silver and which is as precious. :)

  2. A sad little picture, but enjoyable to read - and it makes you think.

  3. Nice poem. Hope the clock gets cleaned up and works again.