Monday, 10 February 2014

A look back..Can you do better than Facebook?

Facebook, the famous social networking site (who doesn't know about it, but still!) decided to cleverly come up with a 62 sec video presentations of each person's life over the past five years. Did they do a good  job about it is a completely different topic and the debate on what should have been shown and what not. However, thinking about it , it triggered a thought process that needed release but I am not going to do it alone, I want you all to follow suit. Let's make a better meme of it than the FB videos.

So here's what you have to do, in the past five years, choose and :

1. Write 5 happy moments.
2. Write 5 sad/regretted moments. (only place where you may write less - who wants to remember the sad moments)
3. Write 5 goals that you achieved.
4. Write 5 other events or moments you would like to share.

and for the fifth one , let's not forget the future:

5. Five moments or goals you would like in the next five years.


Here's mine:

 1. Happy moments:
          a) I got an offer for PhD from the University of Cambridge.
          b) I got to attend the weddings of a few of my closest friends.
          c) A few of cousins, had babies and a few of them got married
          d) I got back home after my 4 year stint in Cambridge
          e) My parents found my life-partner.

2. Sad moments:
          a) I had to leave India for my PhD.
          b) I couldn't attend the weddings of any of my cousins
          c) My paternal grandmother passed away.
3. Goals achieved:
          a) My first job - I resigned from it because of my next goal.
          b) I got offered PhD with full scholarship from a prestigious university.
          c) I successfully gave my first scientific presentation to peers.
          d) My first scientific paper was published in one of the most impactful scientific journals.
          e) I got a post-doctoral job at TIFR, a premier scientific institution in India.

4. Other 5 moments:
          a) I discovered new places - Amsterdam, Brussels, Seattle.
          b) Learnt to be a bit more independent
          c) Earned my own gadgets and devices.
          d) Managed to find time for all my hobbies - crafting, blogging, stitching and reading.
          e) The biggest highlight : I got married!

5. Future Goals:
          a) PhD certificate - it is still pending. No more to add here...please don't ask.
          b) Complete my first post-doctorate job successfully. Hopefully with another one or two publications.
          c) Begin my life with my darling husband (KP).
          d) Find an appropriate job to support and continue my career growth.
          e) If possible, also find a visiting faculty position in a well-known institute.
So by the traditional method of tagging - I hereby tag 5 of my blog friends to join me in taking a look back at their lives -  Meena, Pins , BhavyaBawa and Leo. Go tag 5 others to join ...


  1. U know thi spost just reiterates why I am so dumbfounded by your hubleness! I bet nobody would guess the genius hiding behind the gal next door! May you go places....

    1. Thank you so much Mina ;) But I am no genius.. :)

  2. and yo! the meme is up appuse ....

    1. Yay for the post.. nice to see that you joined.

    2. It is difficult to recount, one, second, if I do, I'll be talking about a degree I'm working towards which takes 5 plus years just like you did.. another post another time.. but it was a revelation that I had written so many posts on varied topics, I'm proud of myself... :)

    3. Pins...I completely agree that it is difficult to recount and any revelation of our past is good..There is always so much to learn from our past . There is also reward that we can gain from good work.

  3. Fantastic tag, Aparna. Enjoyed reading your post. May you continue to shine, girl!

  4. This was a fab idea girl! And thanks for tagging me here. Read my replies here

    1. Thank you Bhavya...I thought it would be fun...I have read and commented on your post... :)