Thursday, 16 January 2014

A lone shoe

What story can a lone baby shoe at a park tell you? One can imagine loads...but what comes first to your mind? Is it a story of a child who in effort to keeping up with the elder siblings, running with ill fitting shoes, panting decides to give up on keeping one of the shoes? or Is it a story of an infant dressed from head to toe, whose shoe jumps out of his feet as the mother walks very quickly holding him tight? The infant tries to notify the mother but in the hurry his cries are just hushed...or Are the stories more horrifying and tragic like the ones that are flooded in the media nowadays? The infant kidnapped, held for ransom or mutilated to be beg on the streets and all that...

No, I am not going to say any of those..but I shall tell you a true life story of a girl who lost her shoe ...

            The girl was about five years old.  It was holiday time and she with her family were visiting her cousins' in Nasik, Maharashtra, India. She was on an outing with her cousins, sister, parents, aunt and uncle.  They were out this particular day generally having a good time. It was dusk and time to get home. Uncle called for auto rickshaws. Her parents, her elder sister and the elder cousin went in the first one. In the second one, her aunt, her other cousin had got in and uncle quickly picked her and put her in as well. The journey was only about fifteen minutes, but to her it seemed much longer. She was quiet through the journey,  as she was trying to reason in her mind with her parents on where she lost her shoe. Her mother immediately spotted that she was missing a shoe. Was it in the auto rickshaw itself? A frantic search before she could answer..well, it was not. The shoe was missing and another pair had to be procured as they were to return the next day. So her uncle and father went and got her a new pair. 

            The shoe had slipped out as her uncle huddled her in. She in all her innocence and fear of her uncle kept mum. That's how she lost one of her shoes but got a new pair instead!

And of course, for the people who haven't guessed as yet, I am the innocent girl who kept mum as she was scared of her uncle! 
This is my entry for the Wednesday Prompt 2014 - 3. Hope you all like it..


  1. This is such a sweet story. Lucky you as you got a new pair.

  2. but then you got a new one :D I once hid under a bed for a whole day scared, coz I broke the flask :P

    1. Yes I did get a new pair .... :)

      Childhood fears are so innocent aren't they?

  3. such a sweet story :) enjoyed reading it!

  4. Sweet and very beautiful story on celebrating life, Aparna:)