Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Baby Steps, Truly Alive & If only you were here.

I tried keeping away from this place in the virtual world but it seems I am incapable of doing so...So today I write to reassure myself that I am capable of completing something that I started a few years ago! I write to remind myself the following:

1. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao Tzu

2. Don't get overwhelmed with what needs to be completed.

3. Remember every baby step towards the goal is still a step closer, just keep going!

4. Keep the goal in sight always! There will be times when 'is it all worth it?' question will that time call a loved one for that pep talk!

5. Smile through everything!


Now for you all..I wrote the two posts (below) when I saw the prompts on WriteTribe but in the hope of keeping a vow to myself, I didn't publish...but now I might as well ...since I am breaking the vow!

Love runs through
Energising every cell.
They jump and dance
With the new formed energy
Truly Alive they become!

The bliss I feel today
Is indescribable.
I jump and dance
With the new formed energy
Truly alive I have become!

The happiness is spread
Far and wide.
All jump and dance
With the new formed energy

Truly Alive all have become!


If only you were here
Instead of
The calls, the chats
The messages 
The e-mails.

We would talk 
And listen
With our eyes 
And Hands!

If only you were here
Instead of 
The Smileys, 
The Hearts and kisses
On the screen.

We would be truly
Smiling, loving
And Kissing
With us next to each other!

If only you were here
To experience 
The euphoria
Of the look, the touch,
The scent and the sounds
Of Love!


Yes, three posts combined...this is what happens when I try to keep away! Do let me know of what you think of one, two or all three! 


  1. As always, super Aparna. Thanks for the 3 in 1.

    1. Add one more. Never give up.

    2. Glad you are truly alive instead of mere existing. Way to go girl.

    3. Very romantic. Love it.

  2. Arre soo well penned! U should hv published them

    1. Thank you Mins...That's why I have published them...

  3. Sometimes breaks are needed, but it is hard to stay away from the blogging world for too long. The connections made are so encouraging! The energy of the love came through in your first poem and from this love could understand why you would rather be with your love than communicating over a screen!

    1. Oh...Thank you so much Robyn ...

      I am back to the blogging world but in my fiction blog ( ... I have started a have a look at it..