Monday, 25 February 2013

Glitter (Snow) Globe with a Wedding Couple

This is a DIY post that is fun to do and can be gifted to others!


1. M-Seal
2. Paint (I used Fabric Acrylic Paint)
3. Clear Varnish
4. Jar with Lid
5. Feviquick / Fevibond (make sure it something very strong)
6. Glitter, Stickers, etc
7. Water
8. Decorations for lid.

To Do:

1. Mix the M-Seal as instructed on the box.
2. Create any Figurine - I did a wedding couple dancing.

3. Let it dry and harden for about 24 hours(preferably) or overnight.
4. Paint ( Sadly my hands are not very steady!)
5. Stick the Figurine on to lid using the strong glue like Feviquick or Fevibond (I have read hot glue gun also works well).

6. Add glitter and water in the jar. Ensure water covers the figurine and yet leave enough air on top to create bubbles.

7. Add some Feviquick to the side of the lid. Close the lid and allow the glue to dry.

8. To ensure no water leaks, add some M-Seal to the edge of the lid-jar.

9. Decorate the lid in any manner. I did mine with some gold card-stock and some red ribbon.
(Sorry for the quality of the photos)

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